Business law covers a variety of issues affecting the everyday operations of a corporation. Whether you are starting or re-incorporating the legal structure of your business, establishing new contracts, or require legal representation for business or corporate litigation or bankruptcy, the attorneys at Vaughn Sundeen are experienced in all aspects of business law.

Vaughn Sundeen’s business law services include:

  • Contracts – Vaughn Sundeen drafts all forms of contracts to help define business relationships. It’s important to have a clear understanding of what constitutes a contract and what should be included to protect your work and assets.
  • Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs – when you are setting up or reorganizing a business, there are several distinctions available, each allowing for different tax and organizational structures.
  • Real Estate – Vaughn Sundeen practice real estate law for both residential and commercial clients and offer experience and trusted counsel. Visit our Real Estate Page to learn more about our services.

Since 2012, Vaughn Sundeen, Attorney at Law has proceeded over a wide variety of sensitive legal proceedings. The firm’s goal is to provide trusted legal advice and counsel to each client, while providing a sense of peace during all proceedings. If you have business law needs you can visit the Contact Page of Vaughn Sundeen for a consultation.